Chemistry - a novel about love and attraction

He's a tough city cop, and she's a brilliant graduate student. They meet under impossible circumstances, and they can't stay away from each other.

In 1992, 22-year-old Nell Russow arrives in Calgary from Auckland to begin a Masters degree in Biochemistry. She and her fellow graduate students frequent a bar near to campus where, unbeknown to them, after hours, girls are drugged and raped by a group of regular punters and some of the staff. One night, Nell is simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

During the course of a police investigation into the use of date-rape drugs, Nell meets Mark Shore, an undercover investigator, posing as a customer. After the case is successfully prosecuted she encounters Mark again. Unable to deny her attraction to him, Nell finds in Mark both passion and compassion, and an as yet unexplored sexual connection.

Reckless, carefree Mark, and calm, rational Nell begin to explore the limits of their sexuality and tolerance, with him leading the way in some of their darker experiments.

Still Waters - what lies beneath will change you forever

What happens when the nice guy meets the quiet girl? Still waters run deep, they say ... Greg, the ultimate nice guy, and shy, beautiful Maura, should have made the perfect couple. But Maura has a dark secret. A secret buried so deep that she has never told anyone. Until now. Greg and Maura first appeared in Chemistry - A novel about love and attraction. Now Still Waters tells their heartbreaking story.

Ellen K. Bennett's Bedtime Stories

Three short stories from (but not included in) Chemistry - a novel about love and attraction.

The bundle includes The Experiment, Ecstasy and Be Careful What you Wish for, which are also available as individual standalone short reads.

Ice Queen - postscript to Still Waters

This is a postscript to Greg and Maura's story told in the full length novel Still Waters. It can be read as a standalone, but for the complete story, reading Still Waters is recommended.



   Chemistry series - novels and short stories  

The Million Dollar Club - a New Year to remember

Welcome to New Years' Eve, 2016. Prepare for the most demanding weekend of your life. Marguerite has entered into an unthinkable agreement with her husband Stefan. For 48 hours she is to be the offering at his club for a selected group of punters, who have paid for the privilege of using her any way they please. Why has Marguerite agreed? Read her story to find out.

    New Series in 2017: Checkmate  

'Domination - A situation whereby capture of a piece is unavoidable despite it having wide freedom of movement.'
Source: Glossary of Chess Terms
What do a free trip to Aspen and $20 000 for two days of work add up to? One hell of a confidentiality agreement, that’s what! When Janice Sheldon agrees to assist Blake Malone at a business meeting for one weekend, she has no idea what she’s getting into. But then neither does he. Sweet, funny Janice and elegant, sophisticated Blake seem like an unlikely couple, apart from their shared taste in unusual bedroom attire. But Blake is not who he seems, and the darkness of his past threatens to come back and haunt both him and Janice. Combine that with his liking for spankings, and an insanely jealous ex-girlfriend, and sparks are sure to fly. Literally. Playtime is over ladies!
Domination is the first standalone novel in the new Checkmate series by Ellen K. Bennett. It contains adult themes and content, including hot sex, spanking and bondage. And sparks. Lots of sparks. There is no cliffhanger, and it has an unapologetic HEA.
***Contains a bonus preview of Pinned, the next novel in the Checkmate series.***

Domination: Playtime is over


'Pin(ned) - a tactical move designed to trap and hold an enemy pawn or piece on its square, unable to move because it is guarding a higher-value piece immediately behind it.'

(Source: Glossary of Chess Terms)

Trust. Such a small word for such a big thing. Like love, or hope. Dan Sheldon and Silke Stellianova share a craving for filthy sex combined with pain. But Silke’s tastes may prove too extreme even for a seasoned masochist like Dan. And when her dangerous past catches up with her again, it threatens to tear them apart. Some hurts just can’t be undone.

Pinned is the second standalone novel in the Checkmate series by Ellen K. Bennett. It contains adult themes and content, including hot sex, flogging, bondage and all kinds of other delicious kink. No cliff hanger and a HFN.

In Check - Coming in 2018


Check(ed): When the king  is under threat of capture on their opponent's next turn. A king so threatened is said to be in check. (Source: Glossary of Chess Terms)


When Stavros Stamatis meets Valentina St James, it doesn’t seem like a match made in heaven. He is a whip wielding lover of BDSM, she is a straight-laced oncologist with a fiancé. But Stav and Val can give each other something that nobody else can. Will their love be strong enough to overcome their differences? Find out in their explosive story, In Check.

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