Fish or cut bait? The Dark Art of Promotion

Without doubt, the most difficult, frustrating aspect of being an Indie author is promoting my work. It is a necessary evil, because without fairly aggressive and constant promotional activities, the books will never be found by readers. But as an author, it is the thing that I find most difficult and, to some degree, distasteful.

I believe in my work, but it sometimes seems tawdry and contrived to have to promote it. Also promotional efforts are incredibly time-consuming, sucking up energy and creativity that should rather go into my writing. It is an endless and inescapable balancing act.

The greatest gift I can ever receive is a positive review from a reader. Every single download of every title is celebrated by me (honestly - I track them constantly) and when a reader takes the time and trouble to share their thoughts, not only with me but with other readers, it makes all the promotional efforts worthwhile.

So please keep reading, and please keep writing. I cherish your opinions and your reviews help with the promotional side more than it is possible to even describe.

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