Beauty is pain - editing matters

Today I received the proofs of the next novel in the Checkmate series, Pinned. The new novel is due to hit the shelves on 31 July, and it is now up to me to go through it with a fine-toothed comb and an eagle eye to pick up any errors, inconsistencies or mistakes. In my other (real) life, I edit an international scientific journal, and so my editorial standards are exceedingly high. There is no such thing as good enough. And it is a source of endless frustration to me that no amount of editing, however scrupulous, will ever result in perfection.

That being said, I feel that it is the right of every person who purchases one of my books to receive a product that is as near perfect as I can make it. As an author, I owe it to my readers to take as much care over the minutiae of my presentation as I expect from the books I read. So I edit, edit, edit, and then do it again. It is tedious, tiresome and sometimes boring, but to me, it is a necessary evil, and the price I pay for retaining my independence as an author.

As painful as it can be to make my work 'beautiful,' it is a goal to which I am completely dedicated. I welcome comments and input readers, and I am humbly grateful for comments, suggestions and corrections, from readers. Thank you for every purchase and every download. I cherish your input and value your support more than I can ever say.


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